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Panel-based surveys for experts who can’t afford to be wrong.

AmeriSpeak’s panel gives NORC’s clients a breakthrough option for conducting statistical surveys of the U.S. population. We offer speed, cost-effectiveness, and the reliability that comes with enhanced representativeness of the public.

We use a variety of methods, including in-person recruitment, to reach difficult-to-survey groups, such as rural and low-income households. The result: an industry-leading response rate, backed by an innovative sample-quality report card. Our experts work closely with clients to either incorporate questions into our ongoing surveys or customize research to meet clients’ needs.

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AmeriSpeak Experts

Discover Our Research

AmeriSpeak’s rigorous, fast, affordable data provided the backbone for a host of studies, and we’re the primary data partner for AP-NORC.

America in One Room

A “deliberative polling” experiment to bridge American partisanship


Stanford University

Antisemitic Attitudes in the United States

Updating a landmark survey of the spread of antisemitic beliefs among U.S. adults


Anti-Defamation League