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TrueNorth enhances nonprobability samples with findings from AmeriSpeak’s scientifically rigorous panel.

Some businesses are in a bind: They need actionable data about their consumers and markets without breaking the bank. But the most affordable survey services offer iffy information that can undermine decision-making.TrueNorth® solves this problem by bringing in the highly regarded AmeriSpeak® Panel to lend greater accuracy to your findings. 

How It Works

TrueNorth upgrades a company’s data by surveying two sets of respondents at the same time: members of AmeriSpeak’s scientifically recruited panel and a lower-cost nonprobability sample. TrueNorth then calibrates data from the lower-quality nonprobability survey, truing it up with the higher-quality AmeriSpeak data. 

The additional responses and calibration ensure that respondents represent the groups our clients are seeking to survey and, thus, generate more reliable results. 

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