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Our Services

NORC’s integrated services span the research cycle and anticipate emerging needs in program evaluation, technical assistance, and data collection, analysis, and dissemination.

We help clients refine their research and decision-making goals and then create plans to help meet them.

We support clients with the appropriate research tools to answer their questions within their budgets.

Using the latest data science techniques, we create, collect, and apply primary and secondary data from a host of populations and sources.

We employ a broad range of statistical methods, information checks, data linkages, and programming languages to maximize data quality and utility.

We help design, implement, and evaluate targeted interventions meant to improve economic, educational, and health and well being outcomes for a variety of populations.

High-impact research deserves a high profile, and we make sure our clients’ work reaches a wide audience.

Our data visualization skills and tools help clients tell compelling data stories.

Our Solutions

NORC’s wide-ranging portfolio of partnerships, initiatives, and innovations respond to our clients’ ever-evolving research and data science needs.

The speed and cost-effectiveness of panel surveys with enhanced representativeness of the U.S. population and an industry-leading response rate.

The first and largest survey panel of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders in America.

Combining NORC’s rigorous and timely research with the journalistic reach of The Associated Press.

A consortium of NORC researchers conducting program-applicable research in partnership with UChicago, other academic institutions, and community organizations.

Insights into the views and behaviors of Americans 50 and older, the fastest-growing age group in the country.

A constantly evolving data storage and management solution featuring innovative analytical, visualization, and reporting tools.

A creative community of experts who turn complex data into compelling visual stories.

Navigating the complex social data landscape to derive actionable insights for personal and societal well-being.

Using data from NORC’s rigorous AmeriSpeak panel to “true up” findings from nonprobability samples.