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AcademyHealth 2024 Annual Research Meeting

AcademyHealth is holding its 2024 Annual Research Meeting June 29-July 2, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland.

NORC at the University of Chicago is excited to participate in the Annual Research Meeting (ARM), the largest gathering for health services research professionals, hosted by AcademyHealth. We look forward to engaging with the diverse community of researchers, policymakers, and healthcare practitioners who are working tirelessly to advance knowledge and drive innovation in the field.

At the ARM, NORC staff will share our latest research findings, methodological advancements, and insights on health communication science. We are committed to advancing healthcare through research and data-driven solutions, and we believe that the ARM is an important platform for fostering collaboration and driving positive change.

We invite you to connect with our team, learn about our work, and explore potential collaborations. Join us in Baltimore for this opportunity to engage with the health services research community, gain exposure to innovative ideas, and contribute to shaping the future of healthcare.

Event Details


June 29 - July 2, 2024



Baltimore, MD



Featured Experts

NORC Presentations at AcademyHealth

Saturday, June 29

  • Outcomes Evaluation of a Federally Qualified Health Center-Based Food Is Medicine Intervention
    • Mithuna Srinivasan, Principal Research Scientist
  •  Data Collection in Medicaid to Advance Health Equity: Findings from Interviews with States and Managed Care Organizations
    • Lucy Rabinowitz Bailey

Sunday, June 30

  • Impacts over Six Years of the Next Generation Accountable Care Organization Model on Medicare Spending and Risk of Adverse Events
    • Jackie Soo, Senior Research Scientist
  • Contextual and Structural Characteristics of Organizations Failing to Reduce Medicare Spending within the Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Model
    • Emily Girouard, Data Scientist I
  • Differences in Spending, Utilization, and Quality Impacts By Organization Type Increased during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Next Generation Accountable Care Organization Model
    • Jackie Soo, Senior Research Scientist
  • Using Configurational Comparative Methods to Examine Complex Causality in Health Care Evaluation - Lessons from the Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (NGACO) Model
    • Meaghan Hunt, Research Scientist
  • Improving Interoperability of Patient Apps with the Health It Ecosystem
    • Desirae Leaphart, Research Scientist
  • What Explains Inequalities in Telehealth Utilization Among North Carolina Medicaid Beneficiaries?
    • Karen Swietek, Senior Health Economist
  • How to Measure the Impact of Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PC CDS) on Patient Lifeflow and Clinical Workflow
    • Krysta Heaney-Huls, Research Scientist

Monday, July 1

  • Lessons from Critical Access Hospitals in All-Payer, State-Based Innovation Center Demonstration Models
    • Jennifer Norris, Senior Research Associate II
  • Meeting Rural Residents Where They Are: Leveraging Hospital-Community Partnerships to Improve Rural Community Health within the Pennsylvania Rural Health Model (PARHM) and the Vermont All-Payer Model (VTAPM)
    • Samantha (Sammy) Augenbraun, Senior Research Associate II
  • Primary Care at the Forefront of Redesign: Onecare Vermont's Comprehensive Payment Reform (CPR) Program
    • Simran Chugani, Research Associate II
    • Emily Tcheng, Senior Research Associate I
  • Advancements in Health Equity Data Collection, Standardization, and Reporting
    • Krysta Heaney-Huls, Research Scientist
  • Chairing session on "Care for Individuals with Complex Conditions"
    • Shriram Parashuram, Program Area Director
  • Role of Provider Turnover in Impacts of the Next Generation Accountable Care Model on Spending
    • Kath Rowan, Senior Research Scientist
  • CRNAs Provide Obstetric Anesthesia in Rural and Underserved Areas to Populations Not Served by Other Providers
    • Ashley Palmer, Senior Research Scientist
  • The Next Generation ACO Model’s Impacts on Utilization and Spending, by Beneficiaries’ Race/Ethnicity
    • Kan Gianatassio, Research Scientist
  • Why Rural and Urban Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Practicing Obstetric Anesthesiology Want to Leave or Stay in Their Jobs
    • Ashley Palmer, Senior Research Scientist

View the conference Agenda at a Glance or the Full Online Agenda.

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