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WATCH: Ashley Palmer on Behavioral Health and Whole Person Care


This video was featured in our newsletter, NORC Selects: Innovations for Value & Equity in Medicaid. 

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Demand for mental health services are outstripping supply

The behavioral health needs of Medicaid recipients and the broader United States population are outpacing the supply of behavioral health services and providers, leading to a gap in care. NORC researchers have been investigating approaches for improving access to behavioral health care, including models for the integration and delivery of whole person care.

NORC’s Ashley Palmer discusses how whole person care can help

In this expert video, Ashley Palmer, a senior research scientist in NORC’s Health Care Programs department,  focuses on improving health care delivery in state Medicaid agencies. Discover how whole person care offers a comprehensive approach to treating patients that goes beyond addressing symptoms and conditions and ultimately leads to improved health outcomes.

This video was featured in our newsletter NORC Selects: Innovations for Value & Equity in Medicaid. 

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