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Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Survey Report

Group of students and parents get a tour on a modern university campus.
Analyzing student experiences based on a variety of factors such as race and gender
  • Client
    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
  • Dates
    2021 - 2022


A foundation offering scholarships wanted to better understand student experiences. 

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation provides up to $55,000 per year for students to attend a four-year accredited undergraduate school, along with multifaceted counseling about transitioning to college and the undergraduate experience. The foundation serves a diverse group of scholarship recipients and wanted to know more about how their experiences differed by gender, race, ethnicity, and first-generation college student status.


NORC analyzed responses from the foundation’s annual survey of scholarship recipients.  

The Cooke Foundation hired NORC at the University of Chicago to evaluate responses from its annual survey of undergraduate scholarship recipients to understand students’ connections with the foundation and other Cooke scholars and their academic experiences and planned trajectories. 


The report shed light on students’ viewpoints and recommended reforms. 

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Survey Report provided insights into how recipients view the scholarship program by gender, race and ethnicity, and first-generation college student status. It also offered recommendations on how to support their experiences further.

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