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Evaluating Rhode Island’s Medicaid Section 1115 Demonstration

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Evaluation of programs implemented under Rhode Island’s Medicaid section 1115 demonstration
  • Client
    Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services
  • Dates
    2018 - 2025

In collaboration with the state of Rhode Island, NORC is conducting an evaluation of the Rhode Island Comprehensive Demonstration, the state’s Medicaid section 1115 demonstration, which seeks to broaden the range of covered services and benefits for Rhode Island Medicaid members through nine innovative demonstration programs. As the independent evaluator, NORC is developing and implementing the evaluation design, assessing Rhode Island’s services for members diagnosed with substance use disorders (SUD), and producing the final and summative evaluation reports. The evaluation uses Rhode Island’s Medicaid claims and encounter data to estimate the impact of the Demonstration on cost, utilization, and quality of care outcomes.

Additionally, NORC developed automated data processing and analysis algorithms to monitor SUD diagnosis, treatment, and utilization outcomes for Rhode Island Medicaid members. This effort builds on NORC's history of experience with evaluating the impact of alternative payment models and Medicaid demonstrations, as well as our experience managing and analyzing complex Medicaid claims and encounter data to inform rigorous and thorough program evaluation.

Project Leads

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