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Improving the Institutional Transformation Assessment

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Adding a state policy rubric to enhance a self-assessment tool for colleges
  • Client
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Dates
    2018 - 2019


An assessment tool for college administrators needed an added feature.

College administrators use the Institutional Transformation Assessment (ITA), an inquiry and learning tool, to help them better understand their institutions’ strengths and challenges, and from there, prioritize their improvement efforts. However, there was room to improve the tool by developing an additional rubric to assess how prepared institutions are to work with state policymakers.


NORC was hired to help improve the Institutional Transformation Assessment.

In 2018, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contracted NORC at the University of Chicago to provide technical assistance to increase the tool’s validity and reliability. Following these improvements, the Gates Foundation and ITA designers and stakeholders requested a supplemental state policy rubric for the ITA. In 2019, NORC partnered with HCM Strategists to create the state policy rubric and assessment metrics.


The new rubric helps administrators assess how well their colleges work with state policymakers.

NORC researchers improved the following:

  • The content validity of the state policy rubric: All relevant topics of interest were evaluated and key topics were included.
  • The construct validity of the state policy rubric: Appropriate rubric criteria were included in order to measure variations in the key constructs.
  • Measurement clarity: Each dimension in the state policy rubric is clearly articulated and measurable.

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