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Our Sunday Visitor Institute

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Tailored survey development to improve and assess a Catholic charity’s initiatives
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    Our Sunday Visitor Institute
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A Catholic charity needs an assessment of three of its initiatives.

Since its founding, the philanthropic organization Our Sunday Visitor Institute (OSVI) has granted more than $78 million to Catholic Church initiatives that support and encourage parishioners to fulfill their calling to discipleship, strengthen their relationship with Christ, deepen their commitment to the Church, and contribute to Church growth and vitality in the world. Three programs of special interest to OSVI are Unaffiliated Millennials, Hispanic Experience, and Parent Project.  In efforts to maximize the impact of these special initiatives, OSVI sought effective ways to evaluate their measurable outcomes. 


NORC developed surveys to evaluate Our Sunday Visitor Institute programs.

To better support programs of special interest, OSVI partnered with NORC to appraise the overall effectiveness of the programs in meeting objectives and to gain an understanding of participants’ experiences in these programs. NORC developed survey instruments that were administered to the recipients of the programs and used to determine their effectiveness in the three special interest areas. NORC also developed a fourth survey instrument that was administered to the granted organizations to assess the impact of the grant dollars as perceived by these grantees. 


The charity gained insights on ways to improve the three programs.

The four survey instruments allowed OSVI to gather comprehensive information on its three programs, including:

  • Information on services received from the OSVI-funded organization
  • Satisfaction and quality of the program
  • Barriers to participating in future programs
  • Areas for improvement
  • Best features of the program

The information OSVI obtained supported efforts to improve programming and helped those administering programs to continue to attain program funding.

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