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A research-driven approach to supporting older adults.

Established as an exploratory center in 1994 with funds from the National Institute on Aging, the Aging Action Research Network (AARN) is a collective of NORC researchers with an interest in the health of older adults.

On their own or together with university academics, our specialists help our client organizations provide health and social services more effectively and equitably to people in or nearing retirement. Our partners range from national organizations serving millions of people to neighborhood groups serving thousands.

AARN’s broad network of scholars combines NORC’s sampling expertise with innovative data collection methods to study issues such as biobehavioral pathways, elder mistreatment, healthcare policy, health equity, loneliness, mobility and transportation, and the social determinants of health. More recently, AARN has focused on translating its broader research into tools and programs that can support healthy aging in diverse communities.

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Our experts tackle the issues of aging with maturity, experience, and wisdom.

Evaluation of the YMCA ForeverWell Expansion Project

NORC evaluated a holistic health and wellness program for older adults living in rural communities


YMCA of the USA

Reconceptualizing Positive Aging to Support Older Latinos

Concept mapping and community-based participatory research


Mather Institute