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NORC has the subject matter expertise and outreach capacity to design and evaluate a variety of programs to track and mitigate infectious diseases.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has made manifest, there is a critical need among policymakers, the scientific community, and the public for clear, reliable data on infectious diseases.

NORC conducts a range of research, surveillance, and program evaluations meant to help monitor and reduce the spread of infectious diseases. In the early days of the pandemic, we quickly adapted our telephone interview capacities to conduct contract tracing in Delaware and Maryland and added COVID-specific supplements to the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey. We also conducted a host of other COVID-specific research. From 2005 through 2022, NORC administered the National Immunization Survey for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, providing essential information on immunization rates. Our research scientists also evaluate a range of interventions and strategies for HIV prevention and treatment for populations, including older adults, sexual and gender minority youth, and black men who have sex with men.

Disease Surveillance Experts

Highlighted Projects

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