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Finding public health insights in secondary data sources.

Effectively combatting public health issues like substance use disorder, heart disease, mental health access, and age-related challenges requires data—data that resource-starved public health agencies often can’t collect. But actionable insights can be found in existing data sources. NORC’s Public Health Analytics program area has the methods and expertise to address surveillance, evaluation, and research questions using secondary data sources such as medical payment claims, electronic health records, nationally representative surveys, and published study estimates.

Program Area Director

Program Area Director

Public Health Analytics Experts

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These projects illustrate our ability to derive actionable insights from a wide variety of health care data.

Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders in California

A qualitative study of people with dual diagnoses for the California Health Care Foundation


California Health Care Foundation

California Communities Mental Health Services Survey

Informing efforts to make mental health services more accessible for diverse populations


California Department of Public Health, Office of Health Equity