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Helping arts and culture organizations deepen equity, engagement, and impact.

Founded in 1999 as Slover Linett Audience Research and now operating as a research center within NORC, Slover Linett at NORC provides rigorous, equity-driven audience and community research for the arts and culture field. Our team of social scientists has helped organizations of all kinds and sizes, including museums, performing arts venues, parks and public spaces, libraries, public media enterprises, science communicators, arts education programs, national advocacy and service organizations, colleges and universities, and foundations that support culture and community.

Slover Linett at NORC embraces equitable research and evaluation principles and uses qualitative, quantitative, and co-creative methods—including neighborhood ethnography, generative workshops, community advisory panels, and population-level survey research with advanced statistical modeling—to help cultural leaders and changemakers listen to the voices of their participants and communities, explore questions of belonging and relevance, and envision new possibilities for activation and impact.

Slover Linett’s staff members have presented at gatherings of the American Alliance of Museums, League of American Orchestras, Dance/USA, Science Festival Alliance, OPERA America, Association of Performing Arts Professionals, Association of Science and Technology Centers, Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru), Institute of Museum and Library Services, Barr Foundation, Wallace Foundation, and several universities, among other convenings.

If your cultural organization or philanthropy has questions about audience and community needs, assets, values, experiential preferences, or the outcomes and impacts of engagement, we’d love to talk with you. 

Slover Linett at NORC is part of the The Bridge at NORC.

Meet Our Team

Edward Chong
Senior Research Associate I

Camila Guerrero
Research Associate

Bayaz Zeynalova
Senior Research Associate I