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Ella Kemp

Pronouns: She/Her

Regional Manager
Ella is an expert in strategic data collection methods on large- and small-scale multi-mode projects.

Ella is a regional manager for the Field Operations department and is responsible for administrative oversight for the Northeast regional states. Proficient in many areas of field operations, Ella administratively supports employees, collaboratively engages in strategic field operations initiatives, and manages numerous major studies for NORC. She has mastered the management of multiple rounds of longitudinal and cross-sectional surveys on subjects of finance, health, labor and population, neighborhood improvement, and education studies. She has networked with varied populations such as site liaisons and medical personnel.

With over 25 years of experience in data collection, Ella’s diverse skills include, but are not limited to expertise in training, team development, project management, strategic planning, locating and gaining cooperation hard-to-reach populations, and coordination of project startups and close down.



College at Old Westbury State University of New York