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Kiegan Rice

Pronouns: She/Her

Senior Statistician
Kiegan is a statistician specializing in static and interactive data visualization and reproducible data processes.

Kiegan is a senior statistician in the Statistics & Data Science department at NORC. In this role, she serves as an expert in data visualization, statistical modeling, and computational reproducibility, and leads the development of web-based interactive data visualization tools. She also has expertise in automated data reporting and reproducible data analysis pipelines. 

Kiegan has built a variety of public-facing interactive dashboards and data visualizations, including the NEAS Pathways Tool and MCBS Interactives site. In addition, she has led the development and maintenance of interactive applications and automated data reporting processes for several clients including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, College Board, and the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. 

Kiegan is also an expert on reproducibility in data science workflows and quantitative research. She has presented on these topics at venues such as rstudio::conf, Government Advances in Statistical Programming (GASP), and the Symposium on Data Science and Statistics (SDSS). 



Iowa State University


Iowa State University


St. Olaf College

Honors & Awards

Secretary & Treasurer | 2022 - 2024

ASA Section on Statistical Graphics

Project Contributions

College Board ACES

Providing better and secure means of validating college admissions and course placement policies


College Board

Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success Strategy Dashboard

A data tool to predict the effectiveness of the foundation’s postsecondary educational equity work


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation