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Driving rigor and innovation in data analysis.

NORC’s Statistics & Data Science department provides expertise in selecting and handling data through an entire project life cycle. In collaboration with NORC's research departments, we lead study design, data collection, analysis, and data dissemination tasks. We also develop workflows that enhance efficiency, replicability, and transparency in data gathering, data cleaning, analysis, and reporting of results via tables, visualizations, and dashboards. We also provide clients statistical training and consulting.

Our research encompasses a wide array of data centric topics, such as record linkage, utilizing nonprobability samples, statistical disclosure limitation and modern privacy methods, and small area estimation.

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Statistics & Data Science Experts

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Careful handling of data sets adds up to accurate, actionable findings.

ASCEND for Veteran Suicide Prevention

A recurring national surveillance study to inform efforts to combat Veteran suicides


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; Rocky Mountain Mental Illness, Research, Education and Clinical Center for Veteran Suicide Prevention

Colorado All-Payer Claims Database

Streamlining the management of Colorado’s health insurance claims


Center for Improving Value in Healthcare (CIVHC)