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NORC is committed to sharing scientific knowledge with researchers and clients through trainings and educational resources.

NORC experts in statistics, methodology, and data science provide consulting and training across a wide range of substantive areas related to all aspects of complex scientific studies. Our commitment to research science enables NORC to offer consulting and training that includes standard methods along with the most recent advances in statistics, methodology, and data science. We bring our latest scientific innovations to all NORC consulting and training services.

Our team is practiced in collaborative problem formulation, which is essential to effective statistical and methodological consultation. We work with clients to thoroughly understand the relevant background, questions, and objectives. We then identify the key expertise and NORC personnel needed to achieve the client’s objectives, implementing advanced tools and processes to manage the work and ensure the highest degree of quality. 

NORC has provided professional training to government and private sector clients on such topics as:

  • survey weighting 
  • total survey error
  • questionnaire design
  • mixed mode survey administration
  • nonresponse bias analysis 
  • R programming

Our team members also serve as instructors at major universities such as the University of Chicago. We offer courses from our available curricula, design custom training specific to a client’s learning needs, and provide tailored workshops that enable accomplishment of a client’s specific project task while simultaneously training participants. Approaches used for training at NORC include in-person or virtual instructor-led synchronistic, virtual asynchronistic, and hybrid approaches. We deliver trainings that range from one-hour webinars to multi-day short courses.

Statistical Consulting & Training Experts

Highlighted Projects

PCORnet Data Convening

Exploring data infrastructure enhancements to support high-impact patient-centered outcomes research


Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program: Value-Based Payment & Financial Simulations

Technical support in designing, developing and implementing Medicaid value-based payment approaches


Center for Medicaid & CHIP Services, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services