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Developing innovative research methods and tools.

The experts in NORC’s Methodology & Quantitative Social Sciences department design rigorous, efficient methods for gathering, evaluating, and analyzing data. We are innovators who work with data of all kinds and research emerging technologies.

We advise on study design, data collection, data quality assessment, advanced analytics, and dissemination. We are specialists in research and experimental design, recruitment and retention, instrument design and testing, evaluating measures, causal inference methods, machine learning, analysis of clustered data, spatial modeling, and data visualization.

Department Lead

Methodology & Quantitative Social Sciences Experts

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When projects require extraordinary creativity and expertise, we’re up to the challenge.

A Data Dashboard to Promote Postsecondary Success

Developing tools to support college access and equity


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

American Time Use Survey Eldercare Questions for Web

Developing a web mode for the nation’s premier survey on how Americans spend their time


Bureau of Labor Statistics