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NORC unlocks the full potential of AI through tailored, fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver insights and analysis that decision-makers trust.

NORC develops fit-for-purpose AI solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our expertise covers the full AI lifecycle, from data quality assessment, record linkage, and confidentiality and privacy to computational algorithms, assessing and mitigating bias in AI models, user experience research, and multidisciplinary subject matter expertise. With such expertise, NORC is the trusted source in AI—tailoring solutions to clients’ specific needs.  

  • Methodological enhancement: Our data science experts use AI to expand the state of the art in fields like survey methodology and statistics, and to build innovative AI systems that help clients derive trustworthy insights from their data. 
  • More effective and wide-ranging data integration: With AI, NORC can help clients take advantage of non-traditional data, such as audio, images, video, and text, and extract even richer insights from traditional sources, such as surveys and administrative data.   
  • AI-ready data and infrastructure: NORC is a proven leader in helping organize data to be effectively leveraged by AI and in designing infrastructure to support AI research.   
  • Actionable, boundary-pushing research: In addition to using AI, NORC also conducts research about AI and its effects in different domains. NORC’s AI research helps clients understand the societal impacts of this consequential technology. 

Following the principles of human-centered AI, NORC is working to make AI research, products, and services more equitable by understanding and mitigating the bias that AI can introduce. This human-centered approach improves user experiences and results in insights that benefit society as a whole. 

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