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Brenda Betancourt

Pronouns: She/Her

Senior Statistician
Brenda specializes on statistical methods for record linkage, data merging and deduplication.

With over 15 years of experience in statistical modeling, Brenda brings extensive experience in methods and computational algorithms for record linkage, data merging and deduplication. Brenda is involved in efforts to advance NORC’s record linkage and deduplication capabilities including the development of probabilistic approaches and open-source software suited for large-scale applications.

Brenda has worked on the incorporation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for record linkage methods and qualitative analysis which are key for handling string information from survey data. She is also involved in the process of combining multiple sources of information to enhance the coverage of the national frame of addresses used at NORC for a variety of studies and surveys. 

Before joining NORC, Brenda had an accomplished academic career that led to several journal publications, software development and awarded funding involving record linkage research with an emphasis on Bayesian methods.



University of California, Santa Cruz


University of Puerto Rico, San Juan


National University of Colombia, Bogota

Honors & Awards

National Science Foundation (NSF) Award | 2021 - 2024

NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences

Project Contributions