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Kimberly Courey

Regional Manager
Kimberly is a highly skilled manager in Field Operations with experience in lead supervision on all major field projects.

Kimberly cares deeply about research and the mentoring of managers and interviewers. High quality data and achieving targets are always high on the list of priorities. As Regional Manager, Kimberly is responsible for the hiring, training, and placement of interviewers on projects. In addition, she serves as a Field Project Manager on all major projects both fielded and remote. Projects can vary in size from small to upwards of 50 managers and 800+ Field Interviewers, Kimberly is the lead manager on all aspects of the work performed. She takes on these responsibilities with high energy and positive outcomes. Always keeping a keen eye on budget and successful outcomes. With over 25 years of experience in Field Research, Kim shares how to correctly mentor and support managers for success.

Kimberly specializes in working as one on a team. Constant encouragement and continual training to get the best of each member of the team. Always a high focus on making sure all members are heard and ideas are shared. This has shown to be highly successful in all projects completed.

During Kimberly’s career at NORC, she has managed over 30 projects. This includes training development, field processes and implementation. Prior to NORC, she worked for various competitors in social science research. This includes Westat, RTI and the U.S. Census Bureau. She brings all this experience to every project conducted.



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