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Miao Feng

Pronouns: She/Her

Senior Research Scientist

Miao is a mixed methods researcher analyzing and interpreting social media data in a rapidly changing environment.

Miao is a Research Scientist at NORC’s Social Data Collaboratory. She has over 14 years of experience in health media and communication research to measure and evaluate media campaign messages and outcomes. She specializes in quantitative and qualitative research methodology to create, transform, analyze, and interpret traditional and social media data in the changing media environment.

Miao serves or has served as the principal investigator on research studies funded by the National Cancer Institute (R01CA283038, R03CA252680), and she served as key research personnel on studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the Truth Initiative; and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

Before joining NORC with her team in 2016, Miao was working on research projects on media framing and new media, especially social media, influence on people’s daily life. Miao’s doctoral dissertation focused on cyber nationalism, which provided a theoretical basis for social groups who shape and direct opinion discourses, a topic that existing scholarship has yet to address adequately. Her research uncovered a global trend towards permitting and promoting misinformation in disseminating political news, representing a critical area for social media research to address.



University of Illinois at Chicago


University of Wisonsin - Milwaukee


Sichuan Normal University, China

Project Contributions