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NORC’s expertise in both traditional and digital technology has supported research on a host of subjects, including the media itself.

As digital media and computer technology continue to transform the way people around the world work, shop, communicate, and stay informed and entertained, NORC tracks these changing behaviors and the attitudes people have about them. NORC researchers—especially The Associated Press‑NORC Center for Public Affairs Research (The AP-NORC Center)—explore major topics in media and technology, including how millennials get their news and how the explosion of digital media outlets has led to the creation of a “personal news cycle.” NORC also partnered with the University of Texas at Austin to conduct the 2020 Election Research Project, a first-of-its-kind study that will provide vital information about the impact of social media on elections in the United States. 

The AP‑NORC Center also examined American attitudes toward internet surveillance and how people balance privacy concerns with concerns about their safety. MTV and the AP‑NORC Center studied teens’ exposure to discriminatory and hurtful language online. NORC also developed a tool that scans, collects, and analyzes data from relevant social media sites to help law enforcement identify and combat human sex trafficking.

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