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Understanding the public’s shifting beliefs and behaviors.

The rapid changes in our society require swift, nuanced research into Americans’ beliefs and behaviors. NORC’s Public Affairs & Media Research department provides those insights for the nation’s top media, consulting, policymaking, and philanthropic organizations.

We explore a range of issues — from people’s religious beliefs to why they buy certain goods. And if the question is especially urgent, we can incorporate NORC’s AmeriSpeak, a probability-based panel that lets us complete projects in weeks, even days.

Public Affairs & Media Research Experts

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The American mindset is ever-changing and requires careful monitoring and measuring.

Men and Women Differ Sharply on Title IX Gains

NORC Article

Fifty years after the 1972 landmark anti-discrimination law, most Americans reported solid strides for white women, but fewer for women of color, LGBTQ women, and low-income women.

Third of Adults Believe Conspiracy Theory about Immigrants and U.S. Elections

NORC Article

One in three adults thinks native-born Americans are being replaced by immigrants for electoral gain.

2020 Election Research Project

Examining social media’s influence on voting in the U.S.



AP VoteCast

More inclusive and accurate polling of the dynamics behind America’s elections


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