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NORC delivers reliable insights on emerging political issues and the longitudinal data to put those issues into context.

In a world increasingly defined by the pace of change, citizens, policymakers, and business leaders alike need ever more timely and reliable information upon which to base their decisions.

NORC assesses the public’s views on pressing political issues using surveys of the American public. Our work provides insights about the American public’s mood and political attitudes to inform policy makers, journalists, and business leaders. 

AP VoteCast is a survey of the American electorate that NORC conducts for The Associated Press and Fox News. Developed collaboratively by NORC and the Associated Press, AP VoteCast is a new way to survey voters. The Associated Press and Fox News, among other news outlets, use AP VoteCast data to call race outcomes and to explain the mood of the electorate in their election-night coverage. Additionally, The AP-NORC Center delivers public opinion insights on pressing societal issues and government actions through its monthly polling series.

The General Social Survey collects public opinion on a host of issues related to democracy, governance, and citizenship, including civil liberties, immigration, and national security. Additionally, NORC conducts evaluations and implementations of international programs designed to promote democracy and civic engagement and reduce election related violence, among other objectives. 

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Highlighted Projects

Women’s Political Participation and Leadership

Enhancing USAID’s understanding of women’s political participation and leadership around the globe


U.S. Agency for International Development

AP VoteCast

More inclusive and accurate polling of the dynamics behind America’s elections


The Associated Press