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From running the Annual Warrior Survey to exploring ways to combat suicide among former service members, NORC has a deep relationship with America’s veterans.

Military veterans make an indispensable contribution to the nation, but many of them face unique challenges when they finish their service. Some have suffered physical or emotional trauma that makes their reintegration into civilian life difficult. Others come from rural areas where access to job opportunities, health care, and support services is limited.

Over the last 15 years, NORC has conducted several projects that look at issues related to veterans and members of the law enforcement community, who are often veterans themselves. Those issues include veterans’ well-being and employment, the health and well-being of police officers, the experiences of veterans living in rural areas, and veterans’ access to physical and mental health services. NORC has a long history of collecting data from veterans, while other research has evaluated policies and programs that target veterans. Our experts also worked on initial efforts to establish and staff the VA Office of Rural Health. 

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Implementing a multi-tiered approach to suicide prevention in western North Dakota


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A nationally representative survey of law enforcement on use of force and officer-involved shootings


The National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research