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Ready Classroom Mathematics Curriculum Evaluation

An elementary school classroom.
Correlating the use of Ready Classroom Mathematics with student achievement
  • Client
    Curriculum Associates, LLC
  • Dates
    2021 - 2022


There was a lack of evidence-based data about the effectiveness of a widely used curriculum. 

Ready Classroom Mathematics is a Common Core-aligned mathematics curriculum designed to help teachers equip students with practical problem-solving skills. Ready Classroom Mathematics is currently used in thousands of classrooms across the nation, but few studies have examined whether it is related to higher mathematics achievement.


NORC applied complex data analysis to assess the impact of Ready Classroom Mathematics.

NORC at the University of Chicago received funding from Curriculum Associates, LLC, to evaluate the use of Ready Classroom Mathematics. Using publicly available, school-level data, NORC compared the mathematics achievement of elementary schools that used the Ready Classroom Mathematics curriculum in the fall of 2019 with the math achievement of those that did not use it during the same time period.

NORC employed advanced statistical methods to ensure that the characteristics of student populations at the two sets of schools were comparable, thereby improving the likelihood that any differences in achievement were due to the use of the curriculum. NORC also examined whether the use of the Ready Classroom Mathematics curriculum had a stronger relationship to math achievement for specific categories of traditionally under-resourced students, including students of color and English language learners.


The math scores of students who used the curriculum were similar to those who did not.

The analyses indicated that students who used Ready Classroom Mathematics scored comparably in math to students who did not. Although not statistically significant, there was suggestive evidence that certain student groups – namely English language learners and students with disabilities – may find Ready Classroom Mathematics particularly beneficial for improving their math learning.

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