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Innovating ways to study and use the digital space to promote health and well being.

In 2021, only 7 percent of U.S. adults did not use the internet. Everyone else logged on almost daily. NORC has tracked online behaviors and attitudes since the beginning, adding highly specialized digital experts—including our Social Data Collaboratory—who study digital habits and online activity and use their insights to develop creative outreach strategies. Among our many digital specialties are social data analytics, misinformation research, study recruitment and retention, intervention study design, survey support, and digital, social, and mobile communication.

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Director of Digital Strategy & Outreach

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NORC has used its digital communication expertise to develop and evaluate a variety of digitally-driven public health efforts.

Fostering Resilience in the Face of COVID-Related Grief and Loss

NORC Article

You don’t have to have the coronavirus to be suffering during the pandemic.

General Social Survey Has Created Social Media Archive, a New Source for Public Opinion Data

Press Release

NORC is giving social scientists an easy way to fold social media conversations into their research projects with the launch of its General Social Media Archive.

Evaluating CDC’s Approaches to Enhancing Adult Immunization Uptake

A culturally responsive evaluation of CDC’s efforts to boost adult immunization uptake and advance equity


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Smoke-Free Screens Initiative

Updating surveillance of on-screen tobacco imagery after pandemic-driven changes in video viewing


Truth Initiative