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The NORC EquityCorps Video Series

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Center on Equity Research

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Fair. Just. Impartial. Equity science is the rigorous study and application of embedding equity and inclusion across social and behavioral research.

Updated November 2023.

This six-part video series from NORC’s Center on Equity Research (CER) highlights our equity research thought leaders. Hosted by CER vice president and director, Ashani Johnson-Turbes, and associate director, Vince Welch, NORC EquityCorps videos feature interviews with scholars and practitioners discussing their motivations, approaches, and methods for conducting social science research to advance equity. Viewers will get an intimate glimpse of the people, practice, and future of equity science and inclusive and equitable research methods.

In this introductory video, NORC experts share one word for what must happen next to advance inclusive and equitable research. The full set of six videos follow.

Watch the EquityCorps Videos

Ashani Johnson-Turbes and Vince Welch

This episode features our series interviewers, the Center on Equity Research’s director, Ashani Johnson-Turbes, and associate director, Vince Welch

Michelle Johns

This episode features Michelle Johns, who has over 15 years of experience serving as a researcher, educator, and champion of LGBTQ+ health equity.

Chandria Jones

This episode features Chandria Jones. Chandria is a mixed-methods researcher and leader in culturally responsive and equitable evaluation.

Jennifer Benz

This episode features Jennifer Benz. Jennifer is a political scientist whose research focuses on public opinion and elections, survey methodology, and media attitudes.

Warren Jones

Warren is a production manager with NORC’s Telephone Surveys & Support Operations who helps ensure data collection methodology addresses the needs of diverse populations.

Autumn Asher BlackDeer

Autumn was a 2022 NORC DREI Scholar and is a queer decolonial scholar-activist from the Southern Cheyenne Nation and professor of social work at the University of Denver.

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